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We order the statutory searches in relation to the property and prepare the Form 1 for you.

What is a Form 1?

A Form 1 is the basis of the formal statement by a home seller about certain details relating to the property

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Form 1 on Frome has extensive legal and conveyancing knowledge and experience.

Our aim is to use our experience and knowledge to prepare the Form1 Disclosure Statement accurately and in compliance with the law.

Our team of in house lawyers are not only familiar with Form 1 preparation but also with the other complex requirements of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

Your Form 1 will be completed accurately and in a timely fashion. We sign the Form 1 for you.

Simplify real property contractual transactions.
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Our Process

By completing our easy and secure online application form or by downloading our form and providing it to us via your agent we will action your form 1 urgently, ensuring the quickest turn around possible for your important documentation. We will send you a confirmation email to let you know that you are our priority, that we have started your Form 1 and that we have ordered all your relevant searches without delay. We will ensure that your agent is kept up to date with every step of the process. Your completed form 1 will be provided to your agent within 24 hours of the last relevant search being received. Once your agent has your completed form 1, we will send you our invoice which is payable by credit card, EFT or cheque within 14 days.


By using our easy, secure online application form you can order your Form 1 instantly, knowing that we will action it the minute you hit send. We treat all of our customers as a priority, so you can be assured your searches will be ordered urgently and provided to your agent via our website as soon as they become available.
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Once your Form 1 has been completed, and provided to your agent we will send you our invoice which is due payable with 14 days. To ensure you have peace of mind, we have 3 options for payment – EFT, cheque and credit card payments via our secure online payment portal.
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At Form 1 on Frome we ensure that your Form 1 is completely accurate, securing in that potential buyer. By following up on all searches and ensuring that all the information provided to us is 100% accurate, we can make sure that when your agent receives your form 1.
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As each of your searches comes back, we will upload them to our site for your agent to access for use in the sale of your property. With every update on your file, your agent will receive an email letting them know that there is an update on your property which keeps you in the front of their mind.
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Our Services

Selling your house can be a stressful time with agents, buyers, open inspections and paperwork. Let us take care of one of those concerns for you, by letting us prepare the Form 1 and providing you with an accurate and secure Form 1, by delivering it directly to your agent.
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Delivery will generally be within 24 hours of the receipt of the last search from the various authorities, together with a completed questionnaire and required attachments.
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Use our quick and easy online order form, which is emailed directly to us upon completion so we can start your documentation instantly, ensuring you have your form 1 in the fastest time possible.
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Customer Log-in

Account customers can log in and access the Form 1 and all relevant searches as soon as they’re available, anytime – anywhere.
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Request a Form 1 using our unique online form request. No writing, no printing, 100% online and secure.
Form 1 paperwork is then available to download straight from our secure delivery system


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